The Best of The Bill and Clay Show
Volume One (BCVol1)

One and a half hours of Bill and Clay Show madness. Featured segments inlcude: "Little Frosted Sugar Cube Cereal," "Don't drink and drive… you just might crash into a UFO," "Bill and Clay go trick or treating," "Orifice-o-matic 2000," " Hooked on Phonics," "Masters' Institute of Obsolete Technologies," "Toyz in da Hood," "McWendell's Queen's Sr's triple-bypass-bacon-egg-supreme sandwich!," "Shitfaced," "Disgruntled Bear and Pee-boy," "Hand-puppet theatre," and "The Hemp Hair Club For Men," as well as many others. $20.00 postage paid.

The Bill and Clay Show
c/o Clay Butler
PO Box 245
Capitola, CA.


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