Bill and Clay Get Sick and Twisted!
Spike and Mike offer local animators
a crappy deal.


CLAY BUTLER, co-creator of Community TV's Bill and Clay Show, was pretty shaken following a call last week from Spike and Mike, Understandable, considering the celebrated animation producers were calling to accept Bill and Clay's second animation segment "Shitfaced" for the popular Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation. "It took a second to sink in," Butler says. "When we sent it off, intellectually we said, 'We've gotta get in,' but we didn't really believe it. It blew my mind. When I called Bill, I was going crazy." In case you don't know yet what's up, Spike and Mike produce a couple of acclaimed animation festivals including work by some of the world's best animators. The festivals show in theaters all over the U.S. and Canada, and the best stuff is compiled on widely distributed videos.

For locals Bill and Clay, that call represented a potential leap from utter obscurity to instant recognition, much like local band Clodhopper, which scored a gig at Lollapalooza before they'd even played Live Soup. "This was one our goals," say Clay of the festival, "and to hit it so soon, it was just amazing!" Stop-time animation is just one of the duo's tricks' The B&C Show is a low-budget, completely juvenile and yet somehow hilarious mix of puppetry, social and political satire, fake commercials and live local music, Spike and Mike's "Sick and Twisted" collection is truly that, and Bill and Clay's piece fits perfectly. "Shitfaced" is a brand-new segment from their seventh half-hour show. The action takes place on a lawn. The main character is a little animated piece of poop, with eyes and a mouth "and a little swirly head like the top of a Dairy Queen ice-cream cone," says Butler and it talks a bit and pops pieces of corn out of its body." Eeeeewl So how did they do it? "We shoveled but a big pan of turf from the yard for the ' lawn and brought it into the studio," Butler explains. "We made the shit out of Power Bars, chocolate, of course. They make the best looking turds; they have this natural sheen. And we used real corn." Hey, knock it off, Clay. You're grossin' out our readers. They can go see Sick and Twisted when it comes to town this fall.

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